I -- Maushope's Moccasin
II -- O Brave New World
III -- Every Man A King
IV -- The Speckled Monster
V -- A House Divided
VI -- Unearthing The Dead
VII -- Bigelow's Bluff
Ever hear of the Speckled               How about the Buddhist millionaire
Monster of Gravelly Island?           who vacationed on Tuckernuck?
   Why did old Maushope kick                           Want to know the answer
  off his moccasin, anyway?                              to these and other fascin-                                                                         ating questions?
Then you should read
Nantucket's Hidden History
There's a lot more to Nantucket's history than the same old stories about whaling and sheep shearing. Take this book along with you to the beach and you just might learn a thing or two while you're working on your tan. And when you get tired of reading about Nantucket's Hidden History, it also makes a great sun visor for a quick snooze!

James Everett Grieder, a native Nantucketer, is the author of a number of articles about Nantucket's history, many of which are true, and is a regular contributor to Yesterday's Island magazine. He lives in the family homestead with his wife Katharine and his heir apparent, William Lewis Grieder. Oh, and cats, as well.