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What Is It?

Founded in 1771, Union Lodge is the fifth oldest lodge in the Western Hemisphere!


When was Union Lodge founded?
Union Lodge was founded in 1771 by a small group of men who were not part of the Quaker-dominated elite that ruled the island.
Why is Union Lodge labelled as "F.& A.M." while other lodges are "A.F. & A.M.?"

There were two Grand Lodges in England between 1751 and 1813, one was called "Moderns" (actually, the older of the two) and one was called "Antients." The latter used the title Ancient Free and Accepted Masons (A.F. & A.M.) while the original Grand Lodge used Free and Accepted Masons (F.& A.M.). Warrants to Lodges in the United States were granted by these two Grand Lodges and thus the differences. Twenty-four Grand Jurisdictions in the United States use A.F. & A.M., twenty-five use F. & A.M., South Carolina uses A.F.M. and the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia uses F.A.A.M.


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